Why am I alive?

sundial bridge
I’ve been thinking a lot about what is it that I really want? What is it that drives me? What makes me come alive? 
My health. My wholeness. I want to live fully, doing what I want to do, going where I want to go, giving and receiving, without impingement, without pain, with full acceptance and love and grace and happiness. 
Your health. Your wholeness. I want every one to live in their fullest potential. I want each person I come across to be so inspired and filled with hope that no fear, no self doubt, no judgement will stop the Goodness inside. Full, beautiful expressions of who you (and I) have been created to be, sparking the Divine spark of light to pop and crackle like a sparkler 💥 and creating the most brilliant lifelong symphony of the physical manifestation of love. 
The earth’s health. Our earth’s wholeness. There is a rumbling and gurgling that something isn’t right. There is a disconnect between our lifestyle on this planet and the sacred creation that it is. This mass of water and air and rock that supports and sustains us and is the only place we call home. 
This, this is what I want. Health.