Be an aid to your healing

As someone who has been sick, injured, and recovering for most of my adult life, and as someone who likes to learn, I’ve never just accepted what someone said to be a “cure” as final truth. This isn’t always good, but for you, now, it is. I want to share with you some of my lessons learned so you can be an aid to your own healing.

Our body’s hurt and ache for a reason. Every time we try to “pray away” the pain, take a pill to silence it, or push past the pain and “suck it up,” we are telling our body to “Shut up! You are getting in my way! I don’t care what you have to say. I want you to do this, now!” This will not produce the healing that we want.

There is a time and place for each of these things (prayer, medicine, moving forward) and they are extremely helpful tools for healing, but, the next time you get a pain, feel a hurt, experience a headache, stop, and pause. Before you again kneel down to pray, before you again reach for that bottle of pain killers, before you again push through, pause. Ask yourself why are you doing this? Take a moment and actually ask the body what it needs, what would nourish it, what would feed it, what would heal it? Take a moment to listen to the body speaking it’s hurts and pains. Often, a simple answer comes: limit the coffee intake, eat organic, sleep more, exercise, yoga, meditate, spend time listening and sitting in the silence. Some pains are much more complex but I believe we know this too, when we take the time to pause and listen, asking the body what it needs. Those fears that we may experience are again, the body speaking. If you feel this fear, or any other emotion, pause, notice it, know that it’s a feeling, and ask again, what do you need, body? Stop, listen. Then, go and see a doctor, a chiropractor, a psycho-therapist, get a massage, try acupuncture, detox, practice yoga nidra (at home), take supplements. Follow through on what you know to be stirring in your heart and mind, through your body.

Be open to the leadings of the body. Let the journey of life be just that, a journey. Pause, listen to that still, small voice, and let humility rise. The body is intelligently designed by a God that loves it as part of a whole. We are triune beings: body, mind, and spirit, and like a 3-legged stool, when the legs are uneven, we will not be balanced and function well. This body sends hurt and pain signals to the brain highlighting that something is wrong. Take a moment to listen, and then, act.

In time, the perfect time, as we continue to pause and listen, as we slow down, the healing and wholeness that the body, and God, have been longing for, all along, will come.

Enjoy the journey. Namaste.