High Cholesterol is Good for Us

As I laid on my chiropractor’s table this morning feeling intense pain from the the shifting of my body after all the extensive surgeries I’ve had, injuries I’m recovering from, and scar tissue I am releasing through chiropractic care and Myofascial Release Therapy Massage, I wondered who’s fault it was. Who is responsible for this exhausting pain and the countless dollars I am and have been spending on my life and health? Who can I look to to give answers?

It hit me like a brick. I remembered this above video and even more clarity and revelation came. We, the American people, have been deceived for some 80+ years and brainwashed to believe that cholesterol is bad and causes heart attacks, when in fact, it has NO correlation and low cholesterol is actually extremely bad for our health! Especially for women and the elderly!

In summary, this video above says the following:

1. The “high cholesterol is bad for us” myth has been a scheme of drug companies, vegetable oil businesses, and doctors who stand to profit from it.

2. We the people of the United States had no reported incidence of heart attacks until 1921. Prior to this, we used to eat fried foods, butter, lard, bacon, coconut oil, meats, eggs, etc. for 3 meals a day.

3. Now that we have been indoctrinated to eat “low-fat” diets our heart disease, cancer, diabetes, suicide, anger, depression, ADD, learning disabilities, and autism rates (just to name a few) have more than quadrupled.

4. Low cholesterol is linked to to severe anger, suicide, cancer, diabetes, depression, ADD,  and all the other above diseases.

5. Cholesterol is likened to a firefighter. To say that firefighters cause fires because they are on scene every time there is one and so this means we must get rid of them, is akin to saying cholesterol causes heart attacks. In fact, like firefighters, cholesterol protects our arteries and muscles and skin and body! This is especially true as we age and for women.

6. All the graphs and charts and studies that show cholesterol is linked to heart disease have been altered and are phony.

7. Many studies have shown that being on cholesterol lowering drugs and eating low fat diets actually kill people.

8. Reputable doctors have disagreed with this “science” for years, but out of fear of losing their jobs and funding, they haven’t said anything until after retirement.

9. This PhD scientist in the above video has called this assault on our society a genocide.

10. The mainstream media purposely doesn’t report these facts, due in large part because big businesses own them and it wouldn’t be profitable for them to tell the truth.

Let me tell you, I am not at all happy about this! I can feel, quite literally, in my body, all the effects of my good intending family members and teachers and doctors and dietician’s and school lunch workers and friends who have told me over and over to “not eat so much butter,” to “reduce my cholesterol,” to trim the fat off my steak, to become a vegetarian. I am not saying that being a vegetarian caused the cancer I had, nor am I blaming my parents or doctors. Everyone, including myself, was honestly doing what we all thought was best and healthy!

Now we know better. Now we can choose differently. Now we can tell others the truth. Now we can make a difference 3 times a day.

My advice: question your doctors, become an active participant in your health, read “alternative” information sources, listen to your intuition, know that our bodies are designed perfectly and are miraculous(!!), eat organic and local butter/meat/eggs/lard/coconut oil, do not eat margarine/trans fats/partially hydrogenated vegetable oils/safflower or corn oil/packaged foods.

Change can happen and it all starts with a single step. Let’s march together towards health, not only for ourselves, but for our children, our children’s children, and 100 generations behind them. This is something of lasting impact and we get to do it 3 times a day.

Namaste my friends! Celebrate Thanksgiving in style: eat cream and butter and fat and ham. Organic of course, but that’s a whole other story….

Happy Thanksgiving!