Special Events

New Moon Yoga Nidra & Restorative Workshop

Friday, December 3rd: 6:00 – 8:00pm

The New Moon brings a calm and a renewal, as though nothing is expected from us and we’re allowed to simply “be.” Harness the power and importance of the darkest night of the month with 2 powerful relaxation techniques: a 30-minute Yoga Nidra and 90-minutes of Restorative Yoga, while learning the astrological importance of this New Moon in this season of change and transition. We will balance the nervous system and reduce stress for a night of deep release, relaxation, harmony, and healing.

Feel free to bring your own props (bolsters, an eye pillow, blankets, blocks, strap) to make a comfortable Yoga Nidra Nest, use the studio’s, or purchase those props you need. This permissive meditation practice is not only equal to 2-hours of sleep, most people fall asleep, so making a comfortable Nidra nest is key. We will then use those same props to gently drape and stretch with the long held poses of Restorative Yoga for luxurious relaxation.

Suitable for all levels, this is about caring for ourselves so we can then care for others. $40 pre-registration; $45 day-of for in-person and $30 pre-registration and $35 day of for virtual, at Balance-YogaCenter.com

SUP Yoga

Available for private sessions.

Pop-up classes occurring when the weather and stars align. Check back frequently for registration and details. Emails will be sent out when these classes are available; email info@OnWaterYoga.com to be added to the email list and or to schedule a private session for an individual or group.