Special Events:

Winter Solstice Yoga Nidra & Restorative Workshop

  • Saturday, December 21st: 5-7pm
  • Balance Yoga Center
  • Redding, CA
    • December 21 is the Winter Solstice: the longest night of the year, a time of rebirth and renewal. We will take this time to celebrate this new beginning with reflection, thanksgiving, descent, and rest within ourselves. Taking in all that we have been through, all that has passed in this full year which is coming to a close… like nature and the animal kingdom around us, this time of hibernation is so necessary for our tired limbs, our burdened minds.
    • Our modern culture teaches avoidance at a max at this time; alcohol, lights, shopping, overworking, over spending, comfort food and consumerism… and yet the natural tug to go inwards, as nearly all creatures are doing, is strong and the weather so bitter that we are left feeling that winter is hard. Whereas winter is actually kind, she points us in her quiet soft way towards our inner self, towards this annual time of peace and reflection, embracing the darkness and forgiving, accepting and lovingly embracing the goodbye of the past year.
    • Winter takes away the distractions, the buzz, and presents us with the perfect time to rest and withdraw into a womb like love, bringing fire & light to our hearth.
    • Join us for 2 powerful relaxation techniques: a 30-minute Yoga Nidra and 90 minutes of Restorative Yoga with Level 1 Yoga Therapist Audrey DeLong.
    • Receive a discount with pre-registration: $45 day of.

Shiva/Shakti Yoga Retreat at Surprise Valley Hot Springs Resort

  • Friday – Sunday, April 24 – 26, 2020
  • Surprise Valley Hot Springs Resort
  • Cedarville, CA
    • A weekend to practice all things yoga, yoga meaning union: this Divine dance between Shiva and Shakti, masculine and feminine energies. A time to nurture, nourish, relax and rejuvenate your Body and awaken your Soul.
    • This Retreat will be a dance of gentle and strong with Vinyasa, fluid movement, yin yoga, restorative yoga, yoga nidra, chanting/singing to live music (kirtan), breath work, meditation, sacred circles, tantric discussions and teachings of relevant goddesses and archetypal energy that affect our modern life in practical ways, plus lots and lots of time to soak in your own private hot tub filled with hot spring water.
    • Also new this year: like a private yoga session this retreat will be tailored to you and those who attend with specific pre-retreat questions about what you want, your experience with Shakti, the goddesses, feminine form, what you need and desire, injuries, and your goals physically, emotionally, and mentally.
    • True to the Divine Feminine (Shakti) this will be communal and fluid, and includes a group dinner on Saturday night. Honoring the Divine Masculine (Shiva) there will be structure and a itinerary. We will flow in the safety of boundaries and be open for change as is best for the specific people that attend.
    • Surrounded by high, snow-capped mountains we will venture where there are no stoplights, no sirens, and be amongst coveys of quail and herds of mule deer and antelope while we soak in the natural hot springs of the valley floor at our quaint resort.
    • The Specifics:
    • Classes are All Levels. The two Vinyasa practices will average at a Level 2 practice. If you’ve never done yoga before, this retreat may not be for you, but if you’re adventurous, want a good introduction to all things yoga, or an athletic beginner you’ll do great with the modifications given. Be prepared to step outside your comfort zone and feel safe and supported: you choose to take this as far as you’d like to go. This is your retreat.
    • Each room includes your own personal hot springs hot tub perfect for one, two, or three. Bring any extra gear you’d like: fishing poles, kites, hiking gear, movies, books, snow shoes (if there’s snow), along with your own personal yoga props. Massages potentially available. Private yoga instruction is also available. Group size is limited to 12 for more individualized and personal attention, greater connection, and building of trust, coinciding with the spirit of the valley and the intention of this retreat.
    • The organic dinner Saturday night is included. Each room has stocked kitchens so you can tailor meals to your liking.
    • All are welcome. This will be a space to honor the sacred feminine and the masculine. A space to learn, grow, and heal, and this is needed just as much for men, as for women.
    • Prices here.
    • Registration form here.

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Goat Yoga

  • available for private group events:
    • contact me at info@OnWaterYoga.com or 530-710-8870 to schedule
  • Churn Creek Bottom Farm: exact address will be emailed to you once you’ve paid
  • Redding, CA
    • Yoga, for people, with goats. Yup! Pygmy goats, fainting goats, dwarf goats no taller than your mid-shin, puppy-dog goats, frolicking on and around as we yoga! This will be an all levels Yoga Flow class with space to stop and pet and play with the goats. There are no rules with animals, so we will go with the flow, literally, and take things as they come….
    • You just can’t take anything seriously with goats nibbling on your shirt, hopping on your back, and sticking their nose in your face, and we soon realize, why do we want to?!
    • Come join us on top of lush grass, underneath the blue sky and sunshine, with goats, big and small. We will connect with nature and breathe in the fresh air for yoga that is sure to delight and leave you much happier than you came.
    • Pre-Registration required and ends 1 hour prior to class start.
    • Heavy rain, lightening, and/or gusty winds cancel class and will be determined 1 hour prior to class start time. Check your email before heading out for cancellation and rescheduling.