Yoga Nidra:Yoga Nidra CD by Audrey DeLong

Volume 1 by Audrey DeLong

The guided meditations found on this Yoga Nidra MP3 can help cultivate a healing experience for your whole self that can then be tangibly experienced in your everyday life both mentally and physically. Each of the 5 tracks have been crafted as a therapeutic experience, so that any practitioner, those that have never done Yoga Nidra meditation before to those that have done them many times, can experience new areas of refreshment and health. When you purchase the entire digital download, you will receive a thorough, 20-minute explanation describing what Nidra is, when best to practice, where, why it’s so beneficial, and for whom Nidra’s are best. The 4, 30-minute guided Nidra meditations build upon one another offering greater restorative levels as you are ready. Each 30-minute Yoga Nidra is equal to 2-hours of sleep. Learn more about the benefits of Yoga Nidra here.

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Partners I believe in:

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A collective of designers who believe in empowering you to feel free and live your best life. Made from natural fibers, clothing that is good for the psyche, energy levels and for the nervous system.

Sustainability — Diversity — Body Positivity — Creativity/Artistic Appreciation

Our founders are artists, and create patterns on their canvasses before transferring them to designs. Wolven is about people who care about the earth coming together. We share an appreciation for art, celebrate differences, and strengthen the bonds between one another.  By making sustainable choices and honoring the earth, we move forward.

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Raw Elements Full Line pic10% off Raw Elements Sunscreen with code: AudreyDlong10

A long standing staple of mine for both when I’m out on the SUP, and for everyday use because:

  • 23% non-nano zinc oxide is the only active ingredient
  • made from certified natural and organic ingredients
  • amazing water and sweat performance
  • safe for all ages
  • no fragrances, preservatives or chemicals

I’ve been using these (the original, the Mini 2, the Masterblaster, and the Faceblaster) and recommending it to all who will listen, since 2014. I may owe my ability to walk to these tools, they remove cellulite, scar tissue, tight muscles, they help relieve pain and arthritis, and give you a great workout, among many many other things. Learn more and get yours here.


La Salud Organics

Liquid, organic, raw, whole food supplements, not preserved in alcohol. I have used these supplements since 2012, had tumors shrink because of them, staved off osteoporosis (having had a hysterectomy and instant menopause in 2002), and become a professional athlete due to their potency and support.

Get grounded with sheets, earthing pads, yoga mats, and more at

See why earthing is beneficial via the Earthing Documentary

Earth Runners logo bannerEarth Runners Sandals

Earth Runners combine the benefits of earthing, walking barefoot, and the functionality of minimalist running sandals.

Inspired by the ancient Tarahumara huarache sandals, this is the ultimate minimalist sandal experience using modern Minimalist Vibram® soles, a Hemp Earth-Grip footbed, and a grounded conductive lacing system™.

Earth Runners are sandals, socks, and kits to make shoes and feet a vehicle for connecting to the Earth’s natural energy, diminishing chronic pain, fatigue, and other ailments that plague so many of us today.

Check out all the details, benefits, and get yours here. These are my new favs. I don’t ever want to take them off!!!

I get asked to represent a lot of companies, but choose to only partner with those that stand true to yogic philosophies: non-harming (healthy to humans, animals, the earth), honest, and non-excessive.

The above companies have not only passed this test, they are quality products that I use nearly, if not every day. I am confident that you will find them just as as beneficial. 💚