Basic Yoga Nidra


Having been practicing, teaching, and studying Yoga Nidra since 2013, this Nidra is the first recording offered since my album “Yoga Nidra Volume 1” first became available on iTunes and Amazon in 2016. My evolution as a teacher can be felt and noticed here, heavily influenced by the encompassing wholeness of the Total Yoga Nidra technique and it’s inclusionary, welcoming, and amalgamating practice, this Basic Yoga Nidra incorporates several body scans, breath awareness, heart connection, and the non-duality of opposites. All of these elements combine to allow the practitioner to experience the rest and rejuvenation that is true to Yoga Nidra, aka Yogic Sleep.

This 36-minute practice will give your body, mind, and spirit the equivalent of 2-hours of sleep, whether you are awake and alert, or asleep, partially or fully.

Yoga Nidra is a true gift in our stressful lives and one I hope you enjoy as a healing practice anytime you need.

One thought on “Basic Yoga Nidra

  1. This is my go-to Nidra for a peaceful rest. Audrey’s voice is so soothing, I rarely make it far before falling into a deep restful nap. I look forward to my Nidras from Audrey.

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