About me as a teacher:

“Audrey is deeply knowledgeable about the many and multi-level ways yoga can be used and applied to healing and personal growth. She doesn’t have a pre-determined prototype or packaged approach toward working with her clients. She asks questions that lead her to the uniqueness and particularity of each person and their needs, concerns, and desired growth or outcomes. I would highly recommend Audrey to anyone interested in using yoga as a way to get to know themselves truly, to heal from illness or injuries, or to just expand their experience of being fully accepted and celebrated by a beautiful person.” – Jeen Wopat 

“Audrey is awesome.  I have really enjoyed my private one-on-one yoga classes with her for the last 4 months.  She is a wealth of information, and she can apply that knowledge effectively in the moment so that she can accommodate my every need for support. She is truly able to meet me where I am and guide me towards my own goals of health and resilience. My favorite part of working with Audrey is how she is teaching me to really listen to my body and honor it through gentle movements and poses that guide me to a very peace-filled place.  I always feel refreshed and energized when I leave her studio.” – Jullie C.

“I would like to thank Audrey DeLong for working with me on a deep insecurity I recently had and needed to work on badly. One month ago I had major back surgery and was absolutely terrified of the amount of time and process of going into and coming out of the anesthesia. This fear was emotionally and mentally paralyzing. Prior to surgery Audrey took me on as a private client, took the intimate time to interview me, asked the hard questions, and invested in helping me by using her gift in guided meditation specifically tailored to my personal journey; and it worked, and well. I have never had a good experience with anesthesia and I came out of surgery smiling, happy, so content that the nurse took note asking me why I kept saying ‘it worked’ over and over. I was so happy! The nurse went on to say ‘(Audrey) has a gift and could help so many people’ and I agree.
I was just happy to read that Audrey is venturing into her own studio and felt this (testimony) is good timing, although she is locally known and established for group and private client work already.
Meditation is a well known practice and can benefit you in so many ways and Audrey was able to guide me into my fears and through them making it possible for me to have an amazing anesthesia experience. I am eternally thankful for her. If you have an area you’d like some help on reach out to her.” – Tamy Q.

“Audrey is simply the best!  She is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and compatible.  This year, in response to a loved one’s struggle with chemo related neuropathy,  Audrey did home visits and tailored the sessions to our goals as well as our abilities.  She brings a wealth of experience as well as reference materials.  If you are blessed to be invited to her retreats don’t miss it – they are jammed packed with exceptional yoga and camaraderie.  Oh – and Water Yoga is so much fun!!!” – Kay K.

“I’ve never participated in a retreat and was nervous, unsure what to expect. I am so happy I took the leap. The retreat was everything I hoped for and more than I realized I needed.” – a Hot Springs Yin/Yang Yoga Retreat participant

“I had never tried yoga before so I thought it would be very hard and I don’t feel like I am very flexible. I love how patient and positive Audrey is. She gives a wide variety of pose options for modifications and there is never any pressure to perform. I didn’t think initially that I would like it as much as I do! Yoga helps me to be present and mindful and I feel like I have lost inches and have increased flexibility. I look forward to On Water Yoga every week!” – Tara T.

“I’m too fat for yoga, HA! Now, I accept myself more. I used to believe that yoga was strict with lots of rules but Audrey rocks, always saying to know your own limits. Yoga can come in many forms from just listening to yourself and breathing to stretching. There isn’t a yoga “type,” anyone can and should do yoga. What I like most about Audrey’s class is that it’s easy going and I don’t feel like I’m wrong, just sometimes different. When I leave I feel renewed, peaceful, relaxed, calm. Since attending this class I can now touch my toes, am more flexible for sure, and I remind myself to breathe through tough situations.” – Wellness Yoga participant at Shasta Community Health Center

“I am going (am starting) to be lusciously sore. I slept so well last night. Good conversation, good scenery, blessings from lovely nature angels, nice exercise working on balance and coordination, working on positive thoughts about myself- my body and abilities, remembering that thoughts and words matter. Being engaged is true for both body and mind. It’s okay to relax slightly but when you feel the slip/wobble engage more… resist the spiral. Is true for paddle board, yoga, and thoughts…therefore life! If life throws you a curve, think fast, engage and be positive and loving. It’s all connected. We are all connected. Being in nature is important, loving and healing on all levels. Movement… ahhh sending what we don’t need down with the push (of the top hand 😉) and pulling away (with the bottom) even though what we are leaving behind no longer serves, that energy, the trajectory and the energy of the water just take it and swirl it into love, nourishment, beauty and positivity for the world to enjoy. These words don’t seem honest, primal, or whole enough to express the gratitude for last night. Thank you.” – Dana, after a Private SUP lesson through On Water Yoga

“The perfect blend of yoga, relaxation, and adventure. Audrey gives excellent instruction and she carved time into the retreat for exploring, massage, and napping!” – Tara H., a Hot Springs Yin/Yang Yoga Retreat participant

“Audrey is very aware of her audience and knows how to appeal to all levels. She is always prepared and handles all stressful situations with grace. Her teaching is very compassionate and researched, and she addresses all levels expertly (which is very difficult by the way!). I am learning to take time for myself and regardless of the household chores or everyday living, I make time to be on the lake for On Water Yoga. I LOVE IT!” – Christine F.

“I’d describe Audrey as helpful and loving. Her warmth, thoroughness in explaining what your body should be doing, her lovely voice, pacing – whether it’s the fast class or slow, her welcoming and encouraging nature, her inventiveness and changing up the sequencing are all factors that keep me coming back to practice with her. I used to think yoga was all sun salutes and triangle pose, now I see that anything goes! She’s super!” – C. G.

“Audrey always changes the class based on the needs of the students. I used to think that yoga was these superduper poses but I now know I can go at my own pace and I love the spiritual side. I love that Audrey is real. Since coming to her classes, my body is able to relax and my mind is able to let go.” – Wellness Yoga participant

“I didn’t foresee how a lot of meditation would be so helpful, but being a person that never relaxes, this is the only time I ever do and my mind and body feel so fulfilled. I am an old lady that still feels like I’m at least 35! I love the stretch moves, the breathing, listening to Audrey’s voice as she speaks about the different techniques, mudras, and the 30 minute yoga nidra; it all helps me tremendously. Audrey describes the poses to accommodate different disabilities and ages. Audrey made a believer out of me! I haven’t lost any weight but yet I feel my inner body has firmed up. My mentality has changed so much as yoga has given me a sense of well-being: I am more at peace with myself through relaxation and yoga and Audrey have given me something to look forward to. I like myself better and it has given me the opportunity to meet wonderful people. I now breathe better, I feel better, and the inspiration of Audrey’s story and what she has been through, how she looks now, make my low self esteem so much better to the point that I feel beautiful. Yoga is an exercise I can do daily with my disabilities. If I come out of yoga a little sore, it’s a good sore and I’m never sweaty or tired. Just think, an hour and a half class without being tired, but feeling more energetic!” – C.M.

Audrey has truly found her gift and calling as a Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga instructor. As someone who is hesitant to tackle new outdoor adventures, I have found Audrey’s classes to be one of the key highlights of my time in Northern Ca. She has a way of instructing that leaves you feeling like you’ve been on a peaceful journey – rested and refreshed. Her ability to meld the spiritual with the practical is perfect. I highly recommend her classes for yogis of all skill levels. – – A.C., an On Water Yoga participant

“Audrey created a safe lovely space to hold a retreat. Very organized and challenging, yet so kind and sensitive to each person and their levels. I would and will attend again. So awesome!” – a Hot Springs Yin/Yang Yoga Retreat participant