Honeymoon in India: day 1-3

We’ve arrived! We left our house at 4:45 am on Monday, November 21 and arrived in Bangalore, India on Wednesday, November 23 to then travel another 12 hours to get to our final destination in Kerala, India. We had a 12 hour layover in Singapore and thankfully were able to book a hotel inside the airport for 10 hours of that. We got a shower, room service and some sleep.

I’m wide awake here in Kerala at our Ayurvedic Clinic. It’s 5:15 am and I’m listening to the rain, crickets, and occasional bug hitting the screen on the windows.

This room and the smells are so reminiscent of my time in North Eastern India 5 years ago… a lot of memories and fears have surfaced from that trip, it was an eye opening, challenging, and rewarding experience. This one has shown some of that, but remarkably, we’ve had great travel, got extra meals on one flight, compensated by United because they didn’t have our gluten free ones, paid less than $1.50 for our meal at the Bangalore Train Station, and our driver from Mysore to Kerala was so kind, offering to stop for chai, coffee, or food, several times. My husband, Lonnie, had a rough go and got car sick with all the stopping, accelerating, pot hole dodging, honking, and such during that last 3.5 hour car ride, while it was the first time I was truly able to relax! I finally got some sleep, even with all the sliding, head bobbing, jerking, and horn honking.

We just had a good in depth convo about our travels so far, our struggles and stresses, where can can grow and may video those in the future. There’s so much that’s different here, and that’s why we’re doing this. This is an experience, a trip of a lifetime, and our first together as a married couple. There’s more to come…

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