The Joint Freeing Series: a Yoga Therapy Practice at Home for any level practitioner

I’ve been married for a little over a year and we’re embarking on a dream, 2 month honeymoon in India soon(!!). While I’m away, I wanted to offer a very easy but beneficial practice that you can adapt, modify, do in whole or just sections, so that you can maintain your practice, or be inspired to begin one.

This simple 45 minute video offers some foundational therapeutic yogic insight with opportunities to practice and make it your own. With a meditation focusing on an affirmation that you choose, we spend the bulk of the time exercising and stretching each and every joint.

Easily adaptable and accessible on the floor or from a chair or couch, modifications are shown and encouraged.

Breathe deeply as you practice and let me know how it goes!

Learn more about my in-person or virtual classes for groups and individuals.

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