Anger letters: a tool for healing

On the backs of scrap paper I scribble and rant and punctuate and dot periods with a vengeance. I also write slowly, in small print, crying and pausing to really put into words what is inside. Then, I go back and scribble the same word or words over and over and over again on a fresh, new sheet of paper, next to doodle art, after staring off into space for a long time. I laugh and snort and wipe my nose and without time constraint, all by myself, I release.

This is part of healing. This is the purging of years and years of pent up anger and frustration and pain and sorrow and grief. With the intention to write whatever comes and to burn or shred the letters, I write to a specific person, myself, or to no one in particular and I get real, honest.

These Anger Letters have been hugely valuable to me this past year as I explore depths of myself with love and acceptance. These Anger Letters have allowed me to truthfully, practice non-judgement towards myself, and thus in turn, others. As I write, my logical mind knows that what I am writing is “ridiculous” or hypocritical or mean or selfish or hateful, but I write it anyway because it is true. If I don’t let it out, it will stay inside, festering and growing. Anger will come out eventually. If we don’t allow it to release in healthy ways, it will come out in unhealthy ways (disease, bursts of rage at friends/family/kids/animals, in confusion/frustration, fear, etc.). Anger Letters are a tool for our healing journey. Anger Letters are a way to put voice to what the logical mind tries to silence in the name of “being a good person,” “because it’s the Christian/yogic/Buddhist/etc. thing to do,” or because we think we should be perfect. With each Anger Letter we write we are taking a stand for ourself, a stand for truth, we are facing our past and releasing and forgiving and letting go of blame, hate, shame, etc. If we don’t let that sh*t out, it’s going to rot and diarrhea all over the place. These Anger Letters are a much cleaner option.

How to write an Anger Letter:

  1. pick up a pen or pencil (physically writing is much more kinesthetic: meaning it’s a whole body release)
  2. grab a stack of paper and write and write and write, unfiltered, without making sense (seemingly)
  3. address it to a specific person/yourself/God or just write randomly with no agenda
  4. allow yourself to feel and be free with the understanding that NO one is going to read this
  5. when you’re done, you can burn it in a nice ceremonial cleansing-like experience (although that can be messy, I tried that in the toilet once, it didn’t work so well), shred it, or find some other meaningful way to get rid of it. I like shredding: it still feels cleansing with the noise and slow ripping of the paper and words, but less hazardous.
  6. enjoy and feel the release and freedom. it is intoxicating.

Have you tried writing Anger Letters? Or do you have any other healthy ways to let out anger?

I’d love to hear your experiences on your healing journey as you release anger. Let’s let that sh*t go and dance in freedom together!

Namaste my friend. Shine on.

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