Consciousness, Enlightenment, Yoga, Jesus, and Holy Spirit

Kindness, love, joy, compassion, healing, our body as a temple: these are the qualities of God in and on us through the power of the Holy Spirit.
Kindness, love, joy, compassion, healing, our body as a temple: these are the qualities of God in and on us through the power of the Holy Spirit.

A friend just asked and started the conversation, on Instagram, about the difference between our “moral compass,” our “inner voice,” our “third eye,” “consciousness” and the “Holy Spirit” and if really, are we all talking about the same thing?

As a Christian Yoga Instructor, I have thought about this and discussed this a lot with friends, pastors, and students. Here was my response to my friend’s question on Instagram that I thought you might enjoy:

I personally think these things are all in reference to the same thing. God is good (Mark 10:18). We are all made in His image (Genesis 1:27). God wants every person to come to Him (2Peter 3:9). It’s His kindness that leads us to repentance (Romans 2:4). Kindness! He is light (1John 1:5). He is heaven (Joshua 2:11). God is love (1John 4:8). I think (consciousness, awareness, Holy Spirit, the third eye, our moral compass) it’s all semantics.

As far as the Holy Spirit specifically, the book of Acts says that the Holy Spirit has fallen on all flesh (Acts 2:17). Has fallen on all flesh. All. I think consciousness and awareness is us becoming aware of this very fact. Holy Spirit is in and on us and we are just awakening ourselves to this truth and seeing what has been there all along.

I’ve been taught that sin is what separates us from God. What is sin? Sin is bad beliefs, hatred, anger, pride and the ego, ill health, anything that is outside of heaven and God’s design. As such, we are all “sinners” and it is awareness and consciousness (the Holy Spirit) that frees us and brings us closer to love, heaven, trust, faith, joy, God. I’ve also been taught that Jesus is the hope to show us that it is possible to live a free and full life while on planet earth now (“Jesus is perfect theology.” – Bill Johnson): Jesus was fully human and lived a sinless life, a heavenly, happy and loving life. He demonstrated that you and I can live now, on planet earth as if Heaven is all around and in and through us so that we perfectly embody love and health and grace and truth and from this place, serve humankind from the power of heaven thereby freeing others too.

Do you find this to be true or not?


5 thoughts on “Consciousness, Enlightenment, Yoga, Jesus, and Holy Spirit

  1. Yogini, you are using deductive reasoning when you need to be using inductive reasoning. Examine the origin rather than the purpose of these things you compare . Clearly some are cultural and intercultural guides whereas one is eternal. That is, they are not the same in one or more aspect.



    • Glenda, I’d love to have you expand more on this. From what I gather from your comment, it’s again, just semantics, or as you term cultural and intercultural wording. My inductive reasoning is that the Lord, God, the creator and maker of heaven and earth, who is eternal, made all these things and we humans, also eternal, are using finite words to describe as best we can, eternal realities. My point is that I believe what one cultural group uses to describe an (eternal) experience is the exact same thing another cultural group uses because everything has eternal consequences. Everything we do and say has a eternal/spiritual reality. There is no separation. We are triune beings: body, mind, spirit. Everything is made of energy. God spoke the world into creation and this is still happening to today, eternally. The Universe is still expanding and creating and going on, forever and ever and ever. What is your definition or eternal? xxoo


  2. Eternal is without beginning or end. Words, for example are not eternal. Therefore one cannot use words to communicate eternal truth. God communicates directly with my spirit through the Holy Spirit. He always has and always will. No one of
    God’s creations can preach His message. We each must gain a personal testimony of God, our purpose in coming here, and our existence beyond mortality. The Bible tells us that all here on earth testifies if God. Our obligation is to separate the wheat from the.shaft because all here on earth also testifies of mortality, Satan’s influence and much more. I am convinced that it will take all of my efforts well into eternity to gain an invaluable testimony of the Lord so so I take most of what is here on earth with two aspirin and call on Him every morning. I call it perspective and I know most folks seen’ t interested and while that has eternal consequences, they are not pertinent to me and I am to culinary to worry too much. IT IS PERSONAL. Not a matter of semantics


  3. I love your heart Glenda. You are a real lover of God and it is beautiful. I do agree with you and, also respectfully, disagree with you. 🙂 God spoke the world into existence: He SAID “Let there be light, sky, land, vegetation”, etc. in Genesis 1 and the universe is still expanding today (as science has proved) and so His words (and thus ours) do have eternal consequences and truth. It is why what someone said to us (a mother, a father, a friend, etc.) can still have an effect on us years after s/he has said it. Although, yes, I agree with you that we must put our efforts towards Him to make that phone call, every day (after all, we are co-laborers with Christ 1Corinthians 3:9), lots of yogi’s do that through and in their yoga or meditation practice and call what they find there (the peace, the joy, the love, the enlightenment) “consciousness or awareness.” This is what I am referring to as semantics. These yogi’s have called and searched and I believe what they are finding is God. God is love: 1John 4:8; God is peace: 1Corinthians 14:33; God is joy: Romans 14:17; God is light: 1John 1:5. May all our personal experiences with God change this world for the better and enlighten us to speak His truth, share His goodness, and honor His name and what He has done through our very lives and conversations, work, and presence’s. You are doing just that and I’m honored to be a part of that eternal blessing. Thank you my friend.


  4. If I explained that I had been both places.would you believe me if I told you that I am convinced that they are not the same or is that semantics? That is true. I have been both places. I am a Christian for a reason. I am con minced that the jour eye is PERSONAL.


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