How to turn back the clock on aging without spending a lot of money

Favorite quotes from the above Decoding Immoratily Documentary: “I’m not willing to say the cancer is gone, they just can’t find it anymore. The last 3 biopsies were negative. “If this was a new drug, it would be a billion dollar drug over night. These are things you can do for free simply by changing your diet and lifestyle.” “We now understand at a genetic level that when you change your lifestyle, it changes your genes.”

Powerful video about the Nobel prize winners and their discovery of what’s at the ends of DNA strands: telomeres and their importance in quality of life.

To increase your telomere length and quality of life: exercise and reduce stress and negative thinking. “Telomeres and stress track together so when stress goes down, telomeres are lengthening.”

Yoga helps to do this. So I’ll see ya soon!

Peace, love, namaste.

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