Travel, adventures, Bali, and yoga: Day 1

It’s happening! After all this time, preparation, anticipation, studying, packing, saving, and praying, I’m headed to Bali, Indonesia for a month long yoga training! The hardest part so far has been this blog, actually. It’s the new experience for me; one I’m happy to accept and experiment with though and at this moment, it’s helping me stay awake. I hope my $50 Mac “World Travel Adapter Kit” works or this may be the last of these videos….


One thought on “Travel, adventures, Bali, and yoga: Day 1

  1. Hi Audrey, just watched you blog this morning from last night, was great to see and hear you…you look wonderful and don’t be nervous you did great !! Sorry you had to get to L.A. just when the scare was happening….but, happy all was alright….and yes, you have a long plane ride ahead of you….and hopefully you got some “shut eye”….have a fun flight and enjoy everything there is available to you on this journey…..Lv Ya Pat ♥


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